The Forgotten Four Flavours Diet


Do you know why you are fat? Do you know why you can’t lose weight? Do you know who is to blame for you being in a deadlock and continuously occupied with diets and health foods?

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1. Gourmand: World Cookbook awards 2015 – Best Digital e-Book in Greece

2. Gourmand: World Cookbook awards 2015 – Best Historical Recipes Book in Greece


The person who is to blame is in your house, and you can’t do anything to her – it’s your mother. Because of her ignorance or because of following the fashion of the time, she has accustomed you to eating ‘flavours’ that are ‘killing’ you. These are found in foods that act like drugs, and with each passing day, they are shortening instead of lengthening your life.
• The ancient Greek diet that creates a beautiful body and longevity
• The forgotten superfoods
• Do not ‘kill’ your children with sweet and salty foods. Heal yourself with bitter and sour flavoured foods
• How I lost those kilos and gained health in return
• Eat like a Greek – eat bitter and sour foods
• Three examples of longevity and slimming
• What to leave out, what to replace, and what to add
• Create a diet plan that suits you

About the book

Author: Elias Kefalidis, Greek Journalist

Language: English

Pages: 120

Publisher: Stergiou Limited

Publication date: August 29, 2015

Print edition (paperback):

ISBN: 978-1-910370-75-9 (Stergiou Limited)

Digital edition (eBook):

ePub ISBN: 978-1-910370-76-6 (Stergiou Limited)

Available worldwide.

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