It’s the evening, and you begin uploading your files to your account with Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, Kobo, IngramSpark, or any other self-publishing services. All of them are excellent.

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You receive messages for vetter errors, problems with the ePub, poor conversion results when you preview your Kindle book, wrong margins or size of the cover for the print edition, problems with indexing, and other concerning issues.

Fix it now!

How it Works

  1. Open a support ticket. Describe the problem, send a screenshot or a sample of your book or the problem, and we will tell you, before you hire us, if it can be fixed within minutes.
  2. If we can fix it immediately, you can place the order.
  3. Send your files.
  4. Receive the corrected files.

What if

If the problem is more complex and requires more time, we will promptly inform you, and offer our opinion and estimate for the solution.


All taxes are included if applicable. The cost includes up to three changes. Any additional amendment costs £10 each. This service has a standard cost per repairing file and includes:

  • Correct file conversion (for print and digital editions). ePub/Kindle conversion problems.
  • Cover/spine adjustments for print editions.
  • Fixing a Word document or ePub file for Smashwords or another service.
  • ePub 2 and ePub 3 validation and error fixing.
  • Minor adjustments of cover and interior files for a self-publishing service (print or digital).
  • Reducing file sizes for digital editions (PDF, ePub, Mobi, KPF).
  • Image size and resolution problems for print or digital editions.
  • Minor technical problems regarding specifications of self-publishing services/platforms.


1. This service does not include redesign, reproduction of files for print or digital editions.

2. Some formats are not editable and not eligible for this service (e.g., scanned PDF images).


We check and validate all your files before delivery. We will send you a live preview as well as the results of our validation tests.


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