Prepare your book for print

Stergiou Limted

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 You can easily print your book with Amazon’s CreateSpace, Ingram, or other print on demand provider (POD). They are all excellent!

However, they require specific file preparation before you upload.


We strongly advise you to send us a small sample of your work for a free trial before you hire us.


1. Make your payment.

2. Check your email. We will send you a receipt/invoice and a link for sending us your files, as well as instructions for liaising with your designer (you can select your trim size and type of your book, you can chat, exchange emails regarding your work, and monitor the progress of your job).


We will prepare the interior of your book with InDesign and produce a print-ready pdf for you. Also, we will prepare your cover page according to your POD provider’s specifications.


This service provides a simple but professional and clear design following the industry's standards. More creative designs involve extra fees. The cost depends on the layout.


1. We can help you to upload and set up your files with your account with Createspace, Ingram, or other POD provider.

2. We can also prepare a simple but attractive cover for you. A plain but professional cover is free.