My Book of Sleepy Time Tales

My Book of Sleepy Time Tales

Zenaida Cubbinz

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11 exciting tales for children by Zenaida Cubbinz.

Contents: 1. The hare and the tortoise; a tale with a twist, 2. How Princess Arabella became a witch, 3. The most amazing animal, 4. Frosty; the boy who never smiled, 5. Danni’s wish, 6. How the people of Iceland got fire, 7. Mr. Wolf and the three little Pigs, 8. Suzy helps Jumbo, 9. The civilization of Man, 10. The White Knight and the witches, 11. Cindy goes to the beach.

The ebook

Pages: 66

Publisher: Stergiou Limited

Publication date: 2013

Country of publication: United Kingdom

Edition: 1st

ePub ISBN: 9781910370384