News and content visualization require special designing and communicational skills as well as experience with data journalism and media.

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The primary target of an infographic is to convert data to information and send a clear message to the reader. An impressive and complex infographic may appear great but it is not always functional because it may fail to achieve its primary goal: send visualized information and a message. A reader must understand the meaning of an infographic easily. or example, he sees a picture of a car and says “this is a car”. The same applies to a reader in this example, “sales forecasts show a significant reduction in two years.” If the reader struggles to find a clear message from the start to the end, we have lost the game.

Stergiou has experienced designers with over 22 years in journalism and content visualization.

The service

This service includes the creation of infographics for print and digital edition. It does not include animated or any time of interactive elements.

How it works

  1. Place the order.
  2. Check your email.
  3. A link and form for submitting your materials and instructions will be sent to your email address during the checkout.
  4. You will receive the infographic in your email.


There is a standard cost per infographic. The cost includes up to three alterations. Any additional amendment costs £10 each. All taxes are included if applicable.


During our cooperation, we provide you with a link to an online preview of your files, so you can continually review and preview the progress of the project, ask for amendments or make comments. Of course, we will be gradually sending you all pages/steps that have been finished. This method saves time and avoids errors.


Industry standards.

Additional services for free

You can ask for different sizes and file formats.


Animated/Interactive Infographics. Request a quote.

Third-party materials

If you want to use a third party’s content (e.g., images, etc.), you must have all the necessary rights or purchase a license.


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