Distribute your book, eBook, and audiobook to over 40,000 in-store and online retailers, wholesalers, libraries, and universities around the world through Stergiou’s distribution channels.

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Our main book and eBook distributor is Ingram. Main audiobook distributors: The Authors Republic and Amazon’s ACX.

The service

The distribution through Stergiou’s channels requires the use of Stergiou-assigned ISBNs. The service does not include logistics or custom delivery (courier) services.


All taxes are included if applicable. The cost covers a setup fee and a 12 month period. The renewal fee is EUR 25 per year. You can cancel anytime.

Your royalties

You receive 90% of your net sales (retail price – third distributor fee – taxes if any). No distribution fee for sales through Stergioubooks.com. We send you a royalty statement every month. Royalty payment: each month (previous month’s royalties) or any royalty amount exceeding £10 (whatever happens first).

How it works

1. Place your order.

2. Check your email. You will receive your ISBN for your title.

3. The distribution starts within 24 hours and concludes within 4-6 weeks (depends on the publication and selected territories).


You have to own all necessary rights to publish, distribute and assign Stergiou to distribute your work. A transparent publishing agreement which will give us the authority and the right to distribute your work will be signed by you and Stergiou.

About ISBNs

Each edition should have its own ISBN number. For example, if you intend to publish a book in print and eBook format, you need two ISBNs. If your print edition has two versions (e.g., paperback and hardcover), you need two ISBNs (one for each version). If you publish your eBook in several formats (e.g. PDF, ePub, Mobi), you need one ISBN per format.

ISBN is not necessary if you publish with Amazon or other publishing services which provide their ISBNs for free. Note that each ISBN is unique and is not transferable.

If you use Stergiou’s distribution channels, you will use an ISBN of our imprint.

You can purchase your ISBN through Nielsen (UK and Ireland), Bowker (US) or your country’s ISBN agency.

Some publications (e.g., newsletters) do not require an ISBN.

More about ISBNs | ISBN organization

Third-party materials

If you want to use a third party’s content (e.g., images, etc.) you must have all the necessary rights or purchase a license.


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