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Audio and video are considered the most effective ways to communicate your message.

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Stergiou, in cooperation with video producers and studios, create all types of book trailers which can be distributed through the web. Our clients are eligible for a discount of 10% when they place an order with the LA-based

The service

  • Simple: Motion with images, audio, music, and titles
  • Essential: footage from video stock, audio, music, and titles

Sample (Simple) by Stergiou

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  • Advanced: In cooperation with
  • Video distribution services with

How to get your discount code: Select “Film14 Discount Code -10%” (price: zero), check out, and a coupon code will be sent to your email.

A sample of a Stergiou’s production with and professional actors
(Peter Fuller, Teri Andrez, Kristin Frantz and Gillian Shure)


All taxes are included, if applicable.


If you feel during the procedure that our style is away from your expectations, you can cancel and request a refund. We refund immediately the used service without further questions. For example, if we have bought a license for footage for your video, this cost will be deducted from your order cost. This refund policy refers to Stergiou production, not with

Third-party materials

If you want to use a third party’s content (e.g., images, etc.), you must have all the necessary rights or purchase a license.


  • THE STUDIO HEAD PACKAGE: A full-blown production. Pricing: $10,000 and up Sample
  • THE DIRECTOR’S PACKAGE: Same idea, smaller production. Pricing: $6,000—$8,000 Sample
  • THE FILMMAKER’S PACKAGE: Simple and easy. Pricing: $3,500—$5,000 Sample


  • BRANDED AUTHOR TRAILERS: A cinema-style interview with the author. Pricing: $5,000—$6,000 Sample
  • BLURB TRAILERS: A great accompaniment to your book trailer or as a secondary trailer upon release of paperbacks, eBooks, etc. Pricing: $1,500 Sample
  • CHARACTER TRAILERS: Short trailers that focus on one character that are shot during principal photography of the full-length trailer. Pricing: $1,500 Sample
  • TRAILERGRAMS: Instagram-ready mini-trailers used from re-editing existing trailer footage. Comes in packages of 3 or 5. Pricing: 3x Trailergrams = $1,000; 5x Trailergrams = $1,250 Sample


Vimeo, Youtube with SEO, BookTuber review videos, Instagram, Facebook, and much more.

  • Tier 1: 30 Days — Pricing: $1,000
  • Tier 2: 90 Days — Pricing: $1,800
  • Tier 3: 1 Year — Pricing: $3,500

Note: can change its prices. The prices here are indicative. Contact before you place an order with them.



Simple by Stergiou, Essential by Stergiou, Film14 Discount Code -10%


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