A taste of Greece! – Recipes by “Rena tis Ftelias”


The award-winning Greek chef Irini Togia, our well-known and beloved “Rena Tis Ftelias”, presents the best Greek traditional recipes in their most successful version. After 35 creative and successful years, Rena finally made her dream come true. She gathered 45 of the most popular and best loved recipes in a single book, and now “serves” us with their secrets.

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Recent awards

Gourmand: World cookbook awards 2015 | Category: Best Translation Book in Greece

Gourmand: World cookbook awards 2015 | Category: Best Woman Chef Book

Table of contents

  1. My childhood’s gemista (stuffed peppers and tomatoes)!
  2. Salad with black-eyed beans, flavouring & olives
  3. Crispy domatokeftedes (tomato fritters) with lots of peppermint
  4. Aromatic hortopita (vegetable and cheese pie) with homemade filo (dough)
  5. Octopus salad with multi-coloured peppers and lots of flavouring
  6. Stuffed squids
  7. Colourful salad with potatoes and courgettes
  8. Fried eggs and tomatoes
  9. Crispy kadaifi pastry stuffed with a variety of Greek cheeses
  10. Stuffed beets with yoghurt and grated walnuts
  11. Shrimps saganaki with fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and ouzo
  12. Rena’s pâté with Greek smoked salmon
  13. Vegetable garden… cooked in the oven
  14. Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) with fresh leaves!
  15. Bean stew with potatoes
  16. Sofrito (pan-fried veal with potatoes): the original recipe from Corfu!
  17. Chicken stew with okra
  18. Stuffed aubergines (imam bayildi)
  19. Hearty fasolada (bean soup) with plenty of celery and sweet Florina peppers!
  20. Stuffed courgettes with minced beef and avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce)
  21. The traditional pastitsada… with cinnamon flavour
  22. Stuffed meatloaves with omelette and graviera
  23. Bite-sized pieces of veal cooked in the pot with feta cheese and Kalamata olives
  24. Artichokes with peas, potatoes and lots of lemons
  25. Braised chicken with chilopites (Greek noodles)
  26. The famous oven-baked lamb with lemon and oregano
  27. Giouvetsi cooked in the pot (veal stew)
  28. Cod bites with skordalia (garlic dip)
  29. Perch bianco (white) stew with lemon juice and potatoes
  30. Our grandmother’s giouvarlakia (meatball soup)
  31. Pork stew with leeks and celery…no further comment necessary
  32. Stuffed aubergines with feta sauce
  33. Cuttlefish stew with flavouring and orzo
  34. Crispy, pan-fried meatballs
  35. Cauliflower yiahni (stew)
  36. Oven-baked aromatic butter beans with herbs
  37. The classic moussaka; aromatic and light
  38. Chicken bites with dill and courgettes
  39. Pork stew with beans
  40. Shrimp salad with rice; full of colours and aromatic!
  41. Bouillabaisse… fish soup
  42. Loukoumades with yoghurt
  43. Samali (semolina cake with syrup)
  44. Homemade jam of 3 kinds of peaches
  45. Vissinada (sour cherry juice): offer it to your guests!

The book

Title: A taste of Greece! – Recipes by “Rena tis Ftelias”

Subtitle: Rena’s collection of the best Greek, Mediterranean recipes!

Author: Eirini Togia

Language: English.

Contributors: Vangelis Paterakis (photographer), Vasileios Tziovaras (translation & editing), Kayleigh Hames (proofreader), Bessy Togia and Gina Togia (gourmets), Konstantinos Togias (direction and food styling)

Category: Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / Greek

Pages: 100

Dimensions: Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / Greek

Book type: Full-color on white paper

Cover: Paperback and hardback mate

Publisher: Stergiou Limited

Publication date: 30th of August 2014

Country of Publication: United Kingdom

Edition: 1st (2014)

ePub ISBN: 978-1-910370-05-6

ISBN: 978-1-910370-55-1 (Paperback)

About the author

Rena Togia tis Ftelias

Eirini Togia (“Rena tis Ftelias”) was born in Corfu and lives in Athens with her husband and her two daughters. She started her first restaurant in Mykonos at Ftelia beach in 1979 and soon the restaurant became a must-visit place for Greek and international celebrities and those appreciative of good quality food. Six years later, she opened a boutique restaurant in Athens. For several years both restaurants operated simultaneously.

Rena is a true representative of the Greek, Mediterranean cuisine for over 33 years now and is very well known for hospitality and her respect and love for pure, fresh ingredients (virgin olive oil, vegetables and herbs). Her recipes are simple and authentic and they reflect the Greek tradition and culture. For several consecutive years, Rena’s restaurant has been distinguished and shortlisted amongst the top restaurants in Athens with individual and corporate customers from Greece and abroad.

Rena has published several cookbooks in Greek and other languages that have received numerous European and international distinctions:

• In 2004 Rena was awarded the “2nd Best Woman Chef in the World” in the International Gourmand Cookbook Contest that took place in Barcelona.
 Two of her books, namely the “Greek, Mediterranean Cuisine” and “Rena’s Desserts”, received a distinction in the International Gourmand Cookbook Contest that took place in 2004 in Barcelona. These two books and the book “Traditional Greek Recipes” were translated and published in English and in German. During the same contest, “Rena’s Desserts” was distinguished as the “Best Cookbook in the World”.

• In 2008, the Greek National Tourism Organization published with Rena the “Mediterranean Recipes from Greece” and the book was published in Greek and in Chinese.
 Rena represented Greece in the “Greek Gastronomy Week” held by the Greek National Tourism Organization in China. For the event, Rena transferred to China an entire refrigerator with fresh, Greek ingredients and herbs. She also participated in the “International Tourism Exhibition” organized again by the Greek National Tourism Organization. Both events received raving comments.

• In 2015 and 2016, she gained new world awards for her English and French edition of her book “A Taste of Greece”.

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