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Publishing with industry standards and the quality of a traditional publisher.

You are one step away from the most comfortable and affordable service to publish and distribute your book in print, digital (eBook), and audiobook editions. Stergiou offers a selection of specific services (e.g., cover design, eBook conversion) that you need.

Furthermore, you can use our self-publishing services to produce any print and digital documents, including corporate documents (e.g., brochures, folders, business cards), magazines, newsletters, and much more.

Our service includes 24/7 support, consultation, dedicated communication and cooperation with one of our talents; from the first step to the end as well as sales support.

4-step professional publishing

  1. Describe your needs.
  2. Send your material (text, images, and everything you believe necessary for your publication).
  3. Place your order.
  4. Leave the rest to us. Your dedicated publishing expert will contact you to initiate the collaborating and publishing phases.


  • Design and layout
  • Layout for dyslexia and achromatopsia friendly publications (especially for children’s’ books), according to the British Dyslexia Association guidelines.
  • Formatting and typesetting
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Files and eBook conversions (print and digital editions)
  • Fixes (print, eBook, and audio files reparations and adjustments)


Our support team and your dedicated expert is available 24/7/365. Just send a message or open a ticket, and we will contact you immediately. You can also use our chat dashboard for an online conversation (online chat may not be available at all times).

Personal contact

Always you can directly contact the owner and director of the company, Leonidas Stergiou.


During our cooperation, we provide you with a link to an online preview of your files. So, you can continually review and preview the progress of the job, ask for amendments or make comments. The system also provides online and direct communication with your publishing expert, editor or designer. Of course, your dedicated expert will be gradually sending you updates throughout the cooperation. This method saves time and addresses critical errors and mistakes.

Cancellation and refund

If our team does not meet your expectations during the first steps of our collaboration, you can cancel the order and request a refund. Your refund will be processed immediately. If you have already received and accepted a part of the work, we will refund the remaining amount of the unused service. Please read our transparent refund policy.

Formats and specifications

We always follow industry standards and the best practices to secure high-quality results, compatibility, and acceptance of your publication from distributors, retailers, and libraries (in-store and digital).

Editing services

We cooperate with experienced editors from the book and media industries. All of them have more than 20 years of expertise in the industry. Our professional editors use the Chicago Manual of Style and the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Printing services and distribution

We do not own printers and distribution channels. We cooperate with trusted and Tier 1 brands for offset printing, print-on-demand services, and distribution. Read more.

Marketing and consultation

You can maximise your publicity by using our in-house services and Stergiou’s cooperations with Tier 1 and specialised agencies. Meet our professionals.

Audiobook production

We cooperate with top professionals, actors, and narrators, as well as Tier 1 producers and studios. Sample

Audio and visual materials

Our service does not include images, illustrations, sound effects, footage or any copyrighted material, which needs a purchased license, and reselling is not allowed.

You can provide your materials (e.g., images), or purchase from the stock of your preference. If you do not have your images or illustrations, we can also provide you with a list of high-quality stocks from paid and free collections. Many services do not allow a purchase of a license on your behalf.

Hand-made illustrations, graphics, and music

Stergiou can provide tailored and handmade illustrations, graphics, and music pieces for your projects. Stergiou produces all these items. Pricing depends on the type of production and the required hours. Of course, you can purchase your illustrations, graphics, or music and any other materials through a third party.


Each edition should have its ISBN. For example, if you intend to publish a book in print and eBook format, you need two ISBNs. If your print edition has two versions (e.g., paperback and hardcover), you need two ISBNs (one for each edition). If you publish your eBook in several formats (e.g. PDF, ePub, Mobi), you need one ISBN per format.

ISBN is not necessary if you publish with Amazon or other publishing services which provide their ISBNs for free. Note that each ISBN is unique and is not transferable.

If you use Stergiou’s distribution channels, you will use an ISBN of our imprint.

You can purchase your ISBN through Nielsen (UK and Ireland), Bowker (US) or your country’s ISBN agency.

Some publications (e.g., newsletters) do not require an ISBN.

More about ISBNs | ISBN organisation

Copyright and intellectual properties

You retain all rights to your materials, publications, and projects.

Rights of copyrighted or purchased items remain to their original creators.

Note that you must own or have all necessary rights to publish texts, images, sounds, etc. Reselling images, even if they are royalty-free or using materials without the necessary rights, violates copyright and intellectual properties. Stergiou respects and protects intellectual properties and the work of creators, fully complying with copyright laws. Read more about copyrights, intellectual properties, and use of public domain content.

Privacy and disclosure

We sincerely respect your personal information, data, and intellectual property. Your details, data, and intellectual properties are safe with us. Besides, we are always willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with you. Read our privacy policy.

Frequently asked questions

Please, visit our FAQ section and knowledge base to read more about our services, policies, and support.

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