Selecting & Implementing HR & Payroll Software: A Practical Guide

Selecting & Implementing HR & Payroll Software: A Practical Guide

Denis W. Barnard

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2nd Edition, 2019

Probably the biggest – and potentially most risky – undertaking for any Human Resources or payroll professional is the selection of new software. Additionally, it is almost inevitable that they will be involved with it at some point in their career.

The litany of failures in this area has been alarmingly high, from selecting the wrong systems in the first place all the way through to ineffective implementation; all of this against a heavy cost to the organisation in both financial terms and lost opportunities. Denis Barnard is a consultant specialising in the selection of HR & payroll systems, and other HRIS, and is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading experts in the field.

Drawing on many years of experience, he gives crucial insight to the actions needed to minimise the risks inherent to this type of project, as well as a step-by-step blueprint of how the right result can be achieved. Written in a style aimed to demystify the relatively unknown, this is a “must have” for the practitioner’s bookshelf.

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About the author

Denis W. BarnardIn 1980, Denis Barnard moved from Finance to HR function and in 1984 began his association with software when his then employers asked him to computerise the manual payroll. Two years later, he did the same for the HR data and has been involved in this aspect of HR ever since. Denis Barnard is a consultant specialising in the selection of HR & payroll systems, and other HRIS, and is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading figures in the field.

Over the years he has worked in a broad range of sectors, Local Government, Higher and Further Education, Music, Media, Technology, Manufacturing, Brewing and Retail to name just a few.

In 2009, he founded and launched the website GPA comparison which at the time was the only site of its kind in the UK dedicated solely to HR & payroll software, and is still the source of choice for organisations and practitioners looking for systems information.

Apart from his consultancy work, Denis spends a significant amount of time producing articles, webinars, and seminars on HRIS topics. He is a director of the niche HRmeansbusiness consultancy and a contributor at Global Talent Advisors.

He is a keen naturalist and horticulturist in such spare time as can find.

Edition details

Title: Selecting & Implementing HR & Payroll Software

Subtitle: A Practical Guide

Author: Denis W. Barnard

Edition: 2nd (enhanced), 2019

Copyright © 2017-2019 Denis W. Barnard

Pages: 212

Language: English

Publication Date: 1 March 2019

Category: BUS030000 (BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Human Resources & Personnel Management), BUS001040 (BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Accounting / Managerial), BUS017000 (BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Corporate Finance / General)

ISBN: 9781912315932 (black and white)

ISBN: 9781912315918 (colour)

ebook ISBN: 9781912315925

Imprint: Stergiou Books Limited, Ireland


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