Our History

Stergiou Limited is a found British private limited company that is based in Central London. Co-founders of the company were the brothers Artemis and Leonidas Stergiou.

The company was established in June 2012 and managed by Artemis Stergiou.

In 2016, the ownership and management transferred to Leonidas Stergiou. He is an experienced manager with rich academic research inspired by the challenges of the publishing and media sector. He has worked for more than  20 years in publishing, media, and hi-tech companies. Leonidas has reached top 1% of researchers on the subjects of Business Administration, Management, Leadership, and Strategic Thinking, and applications of Artificial Intelligence in Publishing and Media according to Acadamia.edu.

The first attempt started in Greece as a  family-run media company and gradually gained the trust of tier 1 media organization worldwide.

Now, the majority of our happy customers come from abroad, especially from the USA, Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Greece.

The company’s main asset is a team of experienced and highly skilled media professionals who share a commitment to excellence, inspired by the vision and experience of the well-known and reputable journalist, Dimitrios Stergiou.

Dimitrios Stergiou has worked for over forty years as a senior manager and columnist for some of the most prestigious newspapers and financial magazines in Greece (Economikos  Tachidromos,  To Vima,  Ta Nea at  Lambrakis Press S.A.,  Eleftheros Typos, Typos tis  Kyriakis, Apogevmatini). In the meanwhile, he has written several bestselling books about economics and politics in Greece.