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Clean Desk and Privacy in the Workplace Policy


Stergiou Books Limited stands committed to the development of security policies and practices, and in doing so, has implemented this Clean Desk Policy to increase physical security at Stergiou Books Limited locations. This policy ensures that confidential information and sensitive materials are stored away and out of sight when they are not in use or when the workspace is vacant.

This policy sets forth the basic requirements for keeping a clean workspace, where sensitive and confidential information about Stergiou Books Limited employees, clients, vendors, and intellectual property is secured.

The policy shall apply to all Stergiou Books Limited employees, contractors, and affiliates.


  1. Employees are required to secure all sensitive/confidential information in their workspace at the conclusion of the workday and when they are expected to be away from their workspace for an extended period of time. This includes both electronic and physical hardcopy information.
  2. Computer workstations/laptops must be locked (logged out or shut down) when unattended and at the end of the workday. Portable devices like laptops and tablets that remain in the office overnight must be shut down and stored away.
  3. Mass storage devices such as CD, DVD, USB drives, or external hard drives must be treated as sensitive material and locked away when not in use.
  4. Printed materials must be immediately removed from printers or fax machines. Printing physical copies should be reserved for moments of absolute necessity. Documents should be viewed, shared and managed electronically whenever possible.
  5. All sensitive documents and restricted information must be placed in the designated shredder bins for destruction, or placed in the locked confidential disposal bins. Please refer to the Retention Policy for additional information pertaining to document destruction.
  6. File cabinets and drawers containing sensitive information must be kept closed and locked when unattended and not in use.
  7. Passwords must not be written down or stored anywhere in the office.
  8. Keys and physical access cards must not be left unattended anywhere in the office.

It is the responsibility of each department manager to ensure enforcement of the policies above. Repeated or serious violations of the clean desk policy can result in disciplinary actions.

If you notice that any of your devices or documents have gone missing, or if you believe your workspace has been tampered with in any way, please notify Leonidas Stergiou immediately.


The employee's work output, whether it be paperwork, computer files, products, customer calls or customer interaction, belongs to Stergiou Books Limited. As such, that work output is always subject to review by Stergiou Books Limited, whether it is stored electronically, on paper or in any other form. In addition, business equipment, including computers, desks and lockers belong to Stergiou Books Limited and are subject to search or investigation.

Email and Computers

Email and other computer files provided by Stergiou Books Limited are to be used for business purposes only. Use of Stergiou Books Limited computer equipment for personal reasons is strictly prohibited and all computer passcodes must be available to Stergiou Books Limited at all times. Stergiou Books Limited reserves the right to enter, search and monitor the computer files or email of any employee, without advance notice, for business purposes, such as investigating a theft, disclosure of confidential business or proprietary information, personal abuse of the system or monitoring workflow or productivity.


All policies require the participation of staff and contractors to be successful. Any employee or contractor found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, cooperation or contract.

Revision History

The Policy is in effect on 21 August 2018.