UK Publisher Extend Their Offerings With A Practical Guide To Coping In The Global Financial Crisis

London UK, Monday 28th October 2013 – A London based digital publishing company has recently announced a brand new addition to their range of ever growing publications currently on offer through their web-store. In contrast to the existing genres found in the collections of Stergiou Limited, the new arrival is the first 'guide' based publication to be added.

The brand new release, aptly entitled '282 Simple Ways to Face the Financial Crisis' is a self-help guide aimed towards everyday people living normal lives. The author has specifically tailored the book to focus in on three primary areas; reducing expenses, increasing income and finally, safeguarding of existing property. In doing so, the 282 approaches contained within are understandable, relevant and also achievable for everyone.

Unlike may other self-help 'economic crisis' guides, the author Thalis P. Coutoupis states clearly from the outset that its contents are not based on philosophy, market analysis or magical solutions, but instead focus on positive, results-driven actions which are rooted in the world of common sense. To ensure the reader can easily access the relevant chapters, there is an in-depth and comprehensive contents area at the outset, which means the reader doesn't have to read the book in its entirety before making use of the strategies.

“I am not a politician, I am not a financier, I just have common sense. Whilst I can't change the economic situation we find ourselves in, through this book I can help everyday people realise the things they can do to better cope with it” - Thalis P. Coutoupis

'282 Simple Ways to Face the Financial Crisis' has been published by Stergiou Limited and is available in print and eBook editions.

To find out more about the publisher’s range of eBooks or for information about this publication, please the book page here.




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