Stergiou becomes a Publisher Member of the Audio Publishers Association

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London – Stergiou Limited joined the Audio Publishers Association (APA) as a Publisher Member on January 31, 2017.

The APA, established in 1987, is the only organization dedicated to serving the needs of audio publishers, allied retailers, suppliers, voice talent and industry professionals to increase the awareness and usage of audiobooks.

Stergiou Limited, established in 2012, is a fast-growing and media integrated publishing house based in London. After a successful start in digital and print editions, Stergiou entered the music industry and the expanding audiobook market in early 2013.

Stergiou has produced its own audio titles with famous music composers, actors, and narrators through Amazon’s ACX, and all titles have been distributed exclusively through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes since 2016. City's Reload distinguished Stergiou as one of the most promising startups in the publishing sector in 2012.

Its membership with the APA establishes Stergiou Limited as a reputable and active member of the media industry among 30 audio publishers worldwide.

Since 2012, Stergiou Limited has published over 100 titles in three languages (English, Greek, and French), and has helped dozens of self-publishers and independent publishers to publish and distribute their works worldwide in print, digital and audiobook editions.

Stergiou is also a member of the Publishers Association in the UK which is a member of the Federation of the European Publishers.

Stergiou offers dedicated and state-of-the-art publishing services to businesses and consumers along with consultancy in publishing, media, and book sales to retailers.

Stergiou envisions its services and platform as a common space where readers can meet the writers. To advance this concept, Stergiou collaborates with high technology startups. Currently, Stergiou is developing an innovative content management system by adopting artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms in predictive analytics and modeling. More details in this field will be announced in due course.

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