Stergiou Announces The Launch Of A New Genre, Aimed At The Adult Comedy Market

London UK, Monday 30th September 2013 – A popular London based publishing company, acclaimed for their modern and thought-provoking publications, has announced the launch of a new genre following a collaboration with the author of a new sex comedy.

Branching out to a new genre, Stergiou Limited has recently published 'Sex Comedy' by Christian Anthony for their online audience. Christian Anthony is a popular stand-up comedian who has taken to writing, following his success on stage. His passion for joviality and irony is a clear theme running through the book.

'Sex Comedy' consists of ten short stories, all with a heavily sexual theme but written playfully, with a hint of irony and humor. Every story takes on a modern day scenario, with realistic characters, which tantalizingly unfolds into a hot and thrilling sexual adventure. Despite their strongly adult content, the stories appeal to a much wider audience than those looking for literary porn: the comedy element keeps everything fresh and jocular without losing the arousing lure the book has on its readers.

Being a collection of short stories makes Sex Comedy an ideal read for anyone looking for a light-hearted break from reality, sending them into a fantasy world. Christian Anthony cleverly interweaves his stream of humor into each of his stories, without spoiling the sense of sensual escapism for his readers.

'Sex Comedy' has been published by Stergiou Limited, that has previously published a variety of fictional eBooks, spanning a wide range of different genres. To find out more about the publisher’s range of eBooks or for information about this publication, please visit the official website.




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