Self-publisher Thalis Coutoupis presented his book at Ianos bookstores

book presentation thalis coutoupis

Who said that self-publishers are suffering from lack of publicity and marketing? Certainly not with Stergiou publications.

The reputable author and communication specialist, Thalis P. Coutoupis, successfully presented his book “Ta Endeka Defterolepta” at Ianos bookstores in the center of Athens last week. More than 200 people attended the event in which politicians Dora Bakoyiannis (former minister of Foreign Affairs) and Theodoros Pangalos (former vice-president of the government) were among the VIPs who had been invited for the presentation. Also, the artist and film director Tatiana Ligari narrated a part of the book.

In less than three months from the first date of the publication of his book, Thalis achieved selling more than 200 copies at the price of 25 euros in Greece, and he reached his audience globally as his title is available in print and digital (eBook) in more than 80,000 retailers and libraries worldwide. He also made a successful presentation in his home, Greece, at one of the most significant bookstores of the country. This may be the most significant step of Thalis to reach his readers because his book is written in the Greek language. Also, its theme regards Greece. It is a historical autobiography that presents the modern economic, politic, and social history of Greece in the last 60 years.

At Stergiou, we support our authors from their first step and continuously. Here, there is no final step. Regardless if a title is of our own publication or of an independent author, we follow the same process and provide the same quality in all steps. Professionalism and high quality from the production to marketing and after-sales service are the big difference between the traditional publishers and many self-publishers.

Here, at Stergiou Limited, there is no difference. One of our competitive differences is that we advise the authors step by step. We manually review his manuscript and recommend corrections and reviews in the grammar and the structure of the text. We apply many rounds of editing and encourage the authors to share their manuscripts with other reviewers and friends. After many rounds of improvements, we undertake to create a unique design that will promote the content. Our awarded designers work on the cover and back page of the book, the colours, and the interior design and typography. Our digital specialist converts the book into fully compatible eBook formats that meet the industry standards and become available worldwide through Amazon, Ingram, Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc.

The publication date and the first on-sale date are only the start of a long journey. The preparations for the journey start a long time before, from the moment we share data with the authors regarding the new trends in the industry and how to communicate about a title before publication. We  advise the authors about our marketing strategy. The publication date starts a new round of communications: press releases, newsletters, social media, presentations, etc. We love our authors and this job. We enjoy working with independent authors to reach their dreams, seeing their titles sold and distinguished for their uniqueness.

Self-publishing is a risk, but the potential earnings are high. With Stergiou the risks are reduced, and the probabilities of success increase sharply.