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New Release: Arabian Night - The Perfect Gift for Children

Arabian Nights

London UK, Friday 10th December 2017 – The UK publishing company Stergiou has announced the first volume in the series of 417 World Children Stories containing famous tales from children from all around the globe in their children's publications. The new book is a beautifully written children's story, and is available in eBook and audiobook editions, making it the perfect gift for a child.

Arabian Nights is the first in a collection which has been decades in the making. The author has grouped 33 famous Arabian children’s stories, myths, folktales, and legends, approaching them and re-telling them in his own words and adding his opinion.

The author, Patrick Healy, is a teacher who has travelled around the world talking with people from places near and far to gain insight into the folklore of different cultures, which he shares with us in these fascinating volumes. Patrick is an Australian and has lived and worked in Hong Kong for over 25 years. He has travelled extensively throughout Asia, and speaks Cantonese and Mandarin fluently, enabling him to understand the history and culture behind the tales while adding his spin.

Arabian Nights is only the start of the journey that will take us to places as far and wide as India, Japan, and Poland, with myths from Native Americans and Nordics, while allowing us to lose ourselves in a world of mysticism and fantasy.

This book is written to suit children of varying ages. The text can be read by older children whereas younger children can enjoy it being read to them. If downloading the eBook and audiobook, children can also listen to the story being told by a narrator. The narration is accompanied by stunning sound effects and music.

To find out more about the publisher’s range of eBooks, or for information about this publication, please visit the official website.