Acclaimed Publisher Stergiou Announces 'Soul Stories'

soul stories cover

London, UK, Thursday, July 25th, 2013 – Experience publisher Stergiou Ltd is excited to add a new book to their collection called 'Soul Stories'. The book contains true-life events of people's experiences, from around the world, told in an emotive and philosophical light. This book is perhaps the most diverse of all of his current ebooks.

Written by, Zenaida Cubbinz, Soul Stories is a collection of emotive life accounts, told in detail, for the reader to both enjoy and ponder over. Each account questions the motives behind people's actions, such as love, culture and power. The author discusses such motives within each account, giving her own frank ideas and opinions. By reading them, people are given a channel through which they can question their own experiences and beliefs.

The title 'Soul' reflects how alive the stories within the book are and makes it clear that their aim is to touch the souls of others. The style of the book is open and honest, free of censorship. The author uses rhetorical questions throughout to give the reader a chance to consider their own opinions and thoughts on what has been written.

The author of Soul Stories, Zenaida Cubbinz, uses her travel experiences as inspiration for her writing, as the different stories within the book take place in a variety of countries.  She has experience in teaching English to students from different cultures and backgrounds. Zenaida Cubbinz has previously written a book of poetry entitled 'Straight from the Heart,' with her poetry reflecting her own life journey.

The book, Soul Stories, has been published by Stergiou Ltd in print and eBook editions. To find out more about the title and the author visit this page.




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