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Image: © Vangelis Paterakis / Stergiou Limited

Every March 25 (National Holiday) in Greece, we cook cod with skordalia (garlic dip).

Who said it is difficult to make cod with garlic? Break the cod into bite-sized pieces and nobody will be able to stop eating...

Are you ready to taste a Greek traditional plate? It’s very simple. Our world awarded Greek chef Eirini Togia (“Rena tis Ftelias”) presents this recipe. It serves 4-5 persons. The preparation time for cooking is 45-60 minutes.


1000-1200g salted cod, oil for the frying, 1 water glass of beer, 1 water glass & 2 tbsp self-raising flour, a little paprika, 1 garlic, 1.5kg potatoes boiled and peeled, 2.5 teacups of oil, half a teacup of vinegar, half a teacup of lemon juice, salt and pepper.


Cut the cod into pieces, strip its skin off and put it in a large bowl of water to desalt it. Leave it in the bowl for about 12 hours and make sure you change the water four to five times. Drain it well and remove its bones.

In another bowl, mix the beer with the flour and add the sweet paprika along with a little bit of pepper. Mix the ingredients well to make a batter. In a pan, add the oil and, when hot, dip the cod pieces one by one in the batter and fry.

Prepare the skordalia dip separately. Peel the garlic cloves and crush them well in a mortar until melted. Scoop out the garlic into a mixing bowl and add the potatoes one by one by melting them and adding oil, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper alternately. The skordalia dip must become like a paste. Serve the cod hot with a tablespoon of skordalia dip.


Image: © Vangelis Paterakis / Stergiou Limited

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