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Mistakes That Costs Your Sales

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There’s way more to creating a wonderfully captivating book than just writing it.

With the increase in self-publishers and a high number of books available for free online and across eBook platforms, the competition is higher than ever. If you want to avoid making common mistakes that can hinder the sales of your book, read on to find out more.

Writing for the Wrong Reasons

One of the most common reasons that a book fails is because the author has written it purely to make money. These types of books are instantly obvious as there’s a lack of passion and input in it. Often, these kinds of books are self-published or only just make it onto the market and don’t sell much.

If you’re stuck for ideas but know that you want to write a book, make a list of all the things you’re interested in and make you happy or feel emotion. Work your way through the list and decide on what you think you could honestly write about.

Not Hiring a Professional Copy Editor

It doesn’t matter how many times you read your book, there will be mistakes that you’ve overlooked. Yes, you can ask friends or family members to read over it to spot any obvious errors, but they won’t find anywhere near as many as a professional copy editor will. Don’t avoid paying for someone to do it because you think the price is too much. Essentially, people will be put off your book if there are a number of obvious errors.

Designing Your Own Cover

The cover of your book is one of the most important marketing pieces, so hiring a reputable and professional designer is money well spent. Shop around for a designer that jumps out to you.

Using Wrong Word Processor

No other word processor has the paragraph capability of Word. It’s also a universal processor that’s used by individuals all over the world. This means that it’s easier for any proofreaders, editors, and publishers to read and edit your document. Thus, use Word or another word processor that is compatible with Word (Apple's pages, google docs, etc).

Depending Solely on Social Media and Word of Mouth

There are various forms of online marketing tools out there that can help you promote your book. For example, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are powerful and inexpensive methods. However, old-fashioned PR is still necessary. Spending a little extra on a marketing campaign may seem like an expense but it’s definitely worth it.

Not Having a Plan B… and C

Having only one plan is not a good idea. There should be at least three plans to getting your book published. There is no right and wrong when it comes to publishing. There is only a way in which works for you, so be as flexible as possible.

• Plan A is to find a traditional publisher.

• Plan B is to self-publish.

• Plan C is to implement Plan B in order to attract a traditional publisher and reinstate Plan A.

Image: © Dawn Hudson |

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