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How to profit from your books

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There are many free eBooks out there. Just download them and start reading. But, how discouraging if you are looking for a way to make money as an author, editor or agent.

Free eBooks are meant to draw attention to a specific issue and get people interested in specific organizations or companies. Free eBooks are also a kind of marketing. Perhaps people will buy more after you read up on a specific service or item.

But, what if you're an author and you want a book - any type of book - to turn a good profit for you. Actually, it's not a problem, given that you have readers that are willing to pay for your book. In fact, it's just as easy - perhaps easier - to charge buyers/readers for eBooks as for printed copies.

Today it's common also to self-publish and raise the chances of making money for yourself. Self-publishing has opened the way for many interesting ways that you can use to promote, sell and distribute your book - and you're making all the decisions about content and the price and business yourself.

Remember - you can earn more if you self-publish.
You may believe that it's safer to have a normal contract with a publisher like Stergiou and get paid a royalty fee for every book they sell. Publishers have after all already a lot an experience (perhaps even of distributing books in your specific field) and they have contacts and agreements ready to use with book stores - both physical stores and online book stores.

Self-publishing, however, can pay better. When you self-publish you have to pay more initially and take care of all preparations yourself. You have to prepare the manuscript and book cover design, take care of printing (perhaps use Print-on-Demand to keep the cost down) and marketing.

You may want to hire someone to edit and make the layout. Why not Stergiou? There are eBook readers that require specific layout and you need to know how to prepare your book for this and for reading on tablet computers.

But, when readers pay for the book - they pay to you and you can keep all the profit. Think about it, you can - under the right conditions - make more money from self-publishing than from a traditional contract with a publisher.

Find out more. Try browsing for eBooks on online book stores or search for the price of printed copies. Try different scenarios where you make some guessing about the price you would like your book to have and the costs you will have to write, prepare and distribute it. Perhaps you can have a business plan ready in no time.

Everyone can't be as successful as our most famous authors - but everyone can try self-publishing. Good luck!

© Dana Rothstein |

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