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Benefits of self-publishing over traditional publishing

These days, modern ways of publishing a book offer writers and authors various opportunities and options that were not available before. Innovations in the publishing industry, like e-book publishing and print-on-demand services, are allowing writers and authors who were never able to show interest or trust traditional publishers to publish their own publications using web-based platforms.

Traditional publishing and self-publishing each have their own pros and cons, which authors should consider before deciding which way of publishing will work better for them, depending on their needs, goals and costs.

Advantages of self-publishing:

  1. Publication speed: Self-published books are easy to get into the market within a few months, whereas printed books with traditional service providers can take years to reach their target markets. E-books are fastest of all, with the complete process taking just a few weeks. This does not mean that harms the quality if you have prepared properly and cooperated with experienced self-publishing services or advisor.
  2. Author control: With self-publishing, authors retain full control over the planning, execution, and publication of the book in the market. Book formats, cover designs, and other such decisions are made by the author.
  3. Retention of rights: All rights of the work being published using self-publishing belong to the author, meaning the author can do whatever he or she wants to do with the book at any time, instead of having constraints set by a publishing house.
  4. Online marketing: It is seen that the number of internet users is doubling every year. With growth like this, book marketing is very easy, compared to traditional publishing.
  5. No excess inventory: Print-on-demand systems in today’s publishing world are allowing self-publishing authors to save money and energy to stock books as done by traditional publishers.

Book publishing has changed to a great extent in the last decade and most people believe that this change is for the better. Self-publishing is empowering authors in new and exciting ways.

Image by Perfecto_Capucine from Pixabay 

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